Cool news… my new book is now available on Amazon.  To celebrate I’d love for you to download a free copy using this link. Show Me The Hook!


BTW, I’ve never had so many people request to interview me before (I’ve had 4 new interviews go live over the last two weeks alone). It seems like everyone has a podcast these days, and that’s a really good thing for you, if you’re a service provider of any kind.


I call this your Bat Signal Talent because it’s the ONE problem your best clients would call on you to solve in their most desperate hour. It’s not the only thing you do, but it’s the one thing you do best. And usually the thing you enjoy doing the most.


A lot of people are asking why I’m giving away downloads of my book for free, even though it’s on sale at Amazon. Good question. Let me explain… Giving away something of value for free is a common model for generating targeted leads, but a lot of people goof it up. That’s usually because they’re […]


Billy Gardell is the star of the hit sitcom “Mike & Molly” on CBS (with co-star Melissa McCarthy). We began our comedy careers together in 1988 and we’ve been great friends ever since. Billy is the one the most inspiring people I know. A true bootstrapper who never gave up on his talent and finally broke-through […]


60-Second Sales Hook in a magazine ad

The super-simple (yet magically effective) 60-Second Sales Hook is used by major ad agencies and brick and mortar businesses alike… for one good reason… It Never Fails! Check this one out from a print ad inside a global magazine…

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