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I call this your Bat Signal Talent because it’s the ONE problem your best clients would call on you to solve in their most desperate hour. It’s not the only thing you do, but it’s the one thing you do best. And usually the thing you enjoy doing the most.


His stories and his sincerity in telling them took what could have been a blinding spotlight and reduced it to the soft glow of a cozy bar where conversation flows easily between friends.


When I was a skinny, punk-ass 16 year-old… my step-dad, Scotty, ran a construction crew building new homes in Tampa. He was a tough-as-nails, but fun-to-be-around guy (picture Willem DaFoe and Jeff Spicoli merged as one) who had one rule on the job site: Never get outworked. That summer, rather than sit around broke watching CHiPs […]


…there’s something magic in the rhythm of great copy… Something that can only be captured by the writer – and transcended to the reader – when the writer is feeling it as he’s putting it down.