Dying To Tell The Truth

by Kevin

in Media

   So, here we are smack in the middle of the most important political match up in America’s history… and in the space of a week, 2 of our most capable referees were taken out of the game.


   Tim Russert and George Carlin were the kind of guys we counted on to filter out the cacophony of political and cultural spin to give us something resembling the truth.


   Both men started from a similar place… escaping the low expectations of hard-knock New York neighborhoods, and rose to positions of enormous influence.


   Yet, they were very different… Russert was polite, Carlin was profane.


   Russert penned moving memoirs honoring his father’s character. Carlin counted the absence of his bullying dad among his luckiest breaks.


   Russert earned his law degree and became part of the political machine… Carlin earned a loyal following by raging against it…


   Still, I think they both spent their lives trying to get at the same thing: The truth.


   If there’s a message in the sudden passing of these mismatched media icons, I say it’s this…


   Seek your own truth.


   It’s easy to count on moderators, commentators, and anyone else armed with sincerity and a microphone to sift through the constant stream of political pyrite and deliver golden nuggets of truth.


   But, ultimately it’s up to each of us to grab a pan and do our own sifting. It’s tedious work, I know. But whatever you find is yours to keep. And if you’re lucky, you might even get to share it.

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