Expert Interview: Jason Moffatt (Genuine Facebook Rock Star)

by Kevin

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Ever wonder why some people’s Facebook pages sparkle with the energy of a carnival sideshow, while others (despite all efforts) only chirp crickets?

Is it purely a “personality thing”? Or is there a method to the madness?

Click play below and find out as, Jason Moffatt, one of the most popular marketers on the Internet reveals the one thing he does every day (and the one he strictly avoids) to keep his social energy humming.

Then leave a comment and share your thoughts on what works and doesn’t for growing a rabid fan base on Facebook.

BONUS: You’ll learn about Facebook’s mysterious EdgeRank algorithm and what it takes to get “edged”.

Also.. be sure to sign up for Jason’s live webinar Tuesday July 5th with Trey Smith all about making money with apps.

Here’s the private link

It’s a ridiculously hot topic right now (Trey is making over $400 a DAY with one cheap app) (and no that’s not an affiliate link, but I wish it was :)

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