How comics trigger laughs

by Kevin

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Have you ever made a speech in public?

If so, you’re a brave soul. People consistently rate public speaking as their #1 fear. More frightening than death.

Jerry Seinfeld has a great joke about that. He says, “That means whenever someone is giving the eulogy at a funeral, they’d rather be inside the casket.”

I spent ten years touring nightclubs as a stand-up comic… road-dogging with some of the greats like Chris Rock, Louis CK, and John Stewart.

In this brand new interview with Bryan Kelly, I open up about why I decided to leave stand-up, how comics speak to trigger laughs and share some stories that I will probably regret telling (as soon as my kids are old enough to Google me).

Check it out right here: “What The Speak” interview with Kevin Rogers


BTW, I’ve never had so many people request to interview me before (I’ve had 4 new interviews go live over the last two weeks alone).

It seems like everyone has a podcast these days, and that’s a really good thing for you, if you’re a service provider of any kind.

These podcasts get serious attention (hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of downloads) and they all need guests to fill their shows. Just one more reason you should have a book or a short report to release as a “Welcome Mat” offer.

That’s because your welcome mat not only serves as a virtual handshake to your best prospects… it also gives podcasters like Bryan Kelly (and the six others I’ve been interviewed by since the 60-Second Sales Hook came out)… a reason to interview you.

Your Welcome Mat report provides a podcast host talking points, and gives them something cool to offer their listeners when they opt-in to your landing page. And Blamo! That’s thousands of new subscribers to your list!

Make sure you listen in to my free webinar on Thursday night. I’m teaming up with Ryan Lee to show you exactly how to use Welcome Mat offers to get tons of new subscribers and position yourself as the go-to expert on your topic.

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