Expert Interview: Jim Curley (The greatest copywriter you’ve never heard of…)

by Kevin

in Copywriting,online marketing

Ever wonder what it takes to compete in the same direct response sandbox as John Carlton – and win?

Jim Curley will tell you in the this interview…

I call Jim “The Greatest Copywriter You’ve Never Heard of…” because you won’t find him hocking his services in forums or even his own website (he doesn’t have one). Instead, he’s been honing his chops in the “do or die” trenches of some fiercely competitive niches, like Golf and Self-Defense, for 20 years now.

He’s a master copywriter who literally wrote the book on how to set up auto responders that sell at peak volume. This is one you’ll want the notebook handy for – lots of major “a-ha!” takeaways in this call.

Enjoy and thanks in advance for any feedback you share with us.


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